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My name is Kayla Mason and I am a serious foodie. I love food in all shapes, sizes, colors and nationalities. My motto is “Try everything twice!” Unfortunately, my destined path as the next Anthony Bourdain has been blocked by a few digestive bumps in the road. Over the last several years, after lots of trial and error and numerous doctors' opinions, it has been found that:

I am gluten intolerant
I am lactose intolerant
I am sensitive to certain vegetables
I have an overgrowth of Candida (yeast)
I have Chronic Moderate Esophagitis (the sphincter between my stomach and esophagus does not close, allowing stomach acid to splash up if acidity gets too high)

This means not only must I avoid gluten, dairy, and sugar, but I need to eat a mainly alkaline diet to avoid acid damage to my esophagus. Needless to say, this puts a wrench in my foodie adventures…but I refuse to be thwarted!! While it is a challenge, I do everything in my power to find magical food, that I can consume without worry, wherever I am!

I spent the last 8 years living in New York City, where you can find pretty much anything. Any recipe I wanted to recreate, I could find the gluten and dairy free alternative ingredients. Any specialty food that I could think of, I could more than likely find in a restaurant or at a supermarket. Gluten and dairy free sprouted Mac 'n' cheese? The Squeeze on Gluten free pizza with buffalo mozzarella? Kesté in the West Village. Coconut flour? Stevia? Sprouted lentils? Whole foods had it all. While the NYC instant health-nut gratification was greatly appreciated, it definitely kept me from getting overly creative in the kitchen. If I could just order it on Seamless, why try?

Now, I am literally on the other side of the world, and things are a bit different. Bali's culture is very split between the locals and the expatriates, and this definitely shows in the culinary department. Here in Canggu and in Seminyak nearby, there are lots of expats, so there are lots of healthy, western restaurants sprinkled between the open air local Indonesian food spots. The locals almost never understand my issues, but there are plenty of expat-owned places that even out the field. The same goes for most of the expat populated cities in Bali. There are even expat centric supermarkets that sell western food items. They do not have anywhere near the selection that NYC did, but I've been making do. My discovery of the Sunday Organic Farmer's Market at Samadi was a godsend! Bringing home a giant bag of affordable organic veggies every week really sparks my creativity in the kitchen and keeps me honest with my dietary restrictions.

I have found lots of options that fit my needs here, both in restaurants and in marketplaces, but I have needed to do some digging. My mission is to let you live through my experiences! There is a very small amount of information on allergy living in Southeast Asia and I want that to change! I am writing in-depth reviews of all of the places I eat at and all of the markets I go to while I am in Bali and during my travels in the surrounding areas. I know how stressful it is to get to a new place and not know if you'll be able to eat anything. On my site, you can do your research before you travel, find creative recipe ideas, and follow my adventures!!

Happy Tummies = Happy Travels!